What is retargeting?

In digital marketing, retargeting consists of creating personalized ads focused on an audience that has already visited a specific website. This is one of the practices most used today by companies to find new potential clients, increase engagement and improve their sales and results. Thanks to retargeting

A trend that every day is getting more followers, and I think is very positive, is the fact that some companies decide to open their organitzations (or a part of them) to share publicly private information than traditionally never show.

Open Startup List

I wrote in this blog in the past about the…

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook is one of the most important social networks of the moment and Facebook Ads is its advertising platform. This platform has become a very valuable marketing tool for both companies and individuals since it allows advertising campaigns to be carried out with very tight budgets. …

Mike Ivars

Co-founder & CEO at Adtuo.com “Working to change advertising.” FBAds, GAds, Open, Collaborative, AI, Startups, Growth Marketing & Technology.

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